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3 Fitness Concepts by JG Experts

There are so many people who visit gyms trying to make their bodies better, however, some of them limit their muscle growth by doing serious mistakes. In this article, I decided to write about 3 main principles that you should follow if you want to achieve good results. These principles will help you avoid training mistakes and maximize your results.
First of all, many people think that fitness is all about lifting weights. The truth is, that this sport does not require 1 hour per day that you spend in the gym, this sport requires 24 hours each day because muscle growth is a result of:

  • hard training
  • good diet
  • sleep

If you manage to combine all 3 elements together, you will see awesome results.

push ups


There are so many workout programs nowadays that it is very difficult to choose the right one. If you are a beginner, you should stick to heavy complex exercises such as squats, deadlifts and bench press. Your workout should be based on these exercises. To be short, you should do 1 base exercise and 1-2 additional exercises for big muscle groups (chest, legs, back). The more does not mean the better. Always remember that while choosing a workout routine.


After heavy workout you should provide your muscles with building materials to recover muscles. I am talking about protein and carbohydrates. You should consume about 2-3 grams of protein per 1 kg body weight to see good results. Some people recommend taking more protein, some recommend taking less, however, I always see good results with 2g per 1kg body weight and never recommend more. Do not forget about carbohydrates. In fact, the proportion of protein to carbohydrates should be 1:4. Check out this url (http://jackedgorilla.com/best-weight-mass-gainer) for more information about protein supplements that could be used for building muscles.



If you think that muscles grow during workout you are terribly wrong. Muscles grow while you sleep that is why you should give your body enough time to recover from heavy workout and grow muscles. Usually, 7-8 hours is enough. If you want to maximize your results, it is recommended to take slow digesting protein such as soy protein or egg protein before going to bed.
As you see, there is nothing difficult in the concept of building muscles. Never forget about these 3 principles and you will have the body you have been always dreaming about. I wish you good luck on your way to six pack abs and big biceps!



Paintball Tips For Beginners

Paintball is a very fun sport to play, but it can be a little difficult when starting out, because you are not familiar with the rules, and tactics that you can use to become a better player. There are a lot of things beginners should know about playing paintball, so we decided to provide 5 useful tips to help you become a better paintballer.


You will not become an accurate shooter if you don’t practice, you have to practice shooting from many of the different positions that you will find yourself in when you play the game. You can make your own target at home, or you can practice on the field where you play regularly. The more time you spend practicing, the better your aim and movement become. It also saves you money on paintballs, because you won’t be wasting as much as you did when you weren’t an accurate shot.


Have the Right Equipment

You should buy equipment that protects you, and help you become a better player, like boots that can handle any type of terrain, because you will be running around a lot, paintball mask to protect your face (check out these products), attachments like rifle barrels, scopes and grips, that will make you a more accurate shooter, and paintballs that fit snugly in your barrel, so you can avoid things like ball breaks, which affect the accuracy of your shot.

Have a Good Strategy

Having a good game plan can be the difference between victory and defeat, you should make sure you and your teammates are on the same page regarding the tactics you plan to employ while playing. You should also try avoiding a very common mistake a lot of beginners make, which is trying to be a hero, doing that only ensures that you are eliminated by your opponents very quickly.


One thing you should always do when you are paintballing is to move around, being constantly on the move prevents opponents from pinning you down easily, because it is harder to hit a moving target than it is to hit a stationary target. Even when shooting when you are bunkered down, you should always move and change the direction you are firing from, because it confuses your opponents, and makes it easier for you to hit them.


Communication within a team is very important to the team’s success, it helps the team execute their game plan easily, because it helps you keep track of where your opponents are, and helps the team organize their attacks better. Good communication also helps the team provide reinforcement for any teammate that is pinned down by opponents.


New Kickstarter Release: Gothic Doctor

Board games are a lot of fun to play with friends and family, because it allows you to have fun while bonding with them. The creation of crowd funding websites like Kickstarter has allowed for the creation of non traditional games, which gives people more options to choose from when they are looking for a board game they can enjoy with their friends.

Gothic Doctor is one of those newer games that were created with through crowd funding, and is a fun game that can be played at any event. It is a card game that is designed to be played between 2-4 people (according to http://boagam.net/review/best-2-player-games), each person plays the role of a physician, and they have to treat monsters and other characters from Victorian literature.

Players use their cards to treat their patients, and can alter the outcome of the game by sabotaging their opponent’s patients to ensure their success.

Unlike some board games, Gothic Doctor is a game that can be setup very quickly, and is very easy to play. It comes with three decks of cards, the first deck is the action cards, the second deck is the treatment cards, and the third deck is the patient cards. You start the game by shuffling the cards and dealing a hand to each player, then you place seven of the patient cards and three of the treatment cards on the table face up, while putting the rest of the cards back separately on the table face down, to make it easy to draw from when you need to.

board game

The gameplay is just as easy, there are four phases in each turn that have to be completed in order. The first order is to play the action cards if they want to, they action cards allow the players to manipulate the board and their opponent’s hand to their advantage. After the action cards are played, players must treat patients if they are able to, if a player has a treatment card that meets the requirements of being able to cure a patient’s disease, they can play their cards and receive a reward for doing so. The third part of the gameplay is the discard stage, if a player has more than seven cards; they have to discard some cards until they are back to seven cards again. After playing the game for eleven turns, the player with the most money wins the game.

This is a very simple game that focuses on matching patterns, and having a good strategy on how to use your hand to your advantage, while trying to mess your opponents up by sabotaging their hand. Once you play this game, you will realize why it is one of the best games available (), and will probably pick up a copy of your own.


New MHP Product for Bodybuilders

According to hundreds of MHP BCAA 3300 reviews, a number of body builders have rated the MHP BCAA 3300 highly due to its superior and powerful ingredients compared to the other dietary supplements that they have tried. They are all hyped up about the MHP BCAA 3300 because most of them who tried the formula saw a lot of big changes with their resistance and coping during their workouts that they even feel better during their workouts rather than tired.

Based on the studies conducted on the effects of MHP BCAA ingredients to body builders, this formula is actually the best choice when it comes to dietary supplements that can aid your muscle recovery. Serious body builders have reported that they didn’t even feel any soreness after or during their workouts. Some have even reported that the product was so effective that they could even go to work right after their workouts.


What more can you ask for?

Aside from research data, the supplement can also assist your body in obtaining more compact or solid muscles. With the regular use of this formula your body can produce the essential quantity of amino acids that is needed by your body to ensure you with faster recovery or repair of your muscles and a much improved muscle mass. Because of the super ingredients in this dietary supplement, your muscles are much more flexible and can adjust to the various reactions of your body and it can even trigger your body’s capability to repair its own muscles. This is why most bodybuilders and athletes opt to buy the MHP BCAA 3300.

Why Athletes and Body Builders choose MHP BCAA 3300

Body builders choose this formula over all others. With the fast recovery time for your muscles, you can perform better in your workouts, and can do more in a day without feeling sore and tired. If your goal is to push the limits of your body and reach its optimum performance, taking MHP BCAA 3300would be a great addition to your workout routine.


Government’s Motorcycle Safety Campaign

In an effort to reduce the number of motorcycle accidents with cars at street junctions, the government has launched an advertisement campaign that will start being aired all over the country today. The name of the campaign is called THINK!, and its purpose is to encourage drivers to look around for motorcyclists longer than they normally do, due to the report that about 30 motorcyclists are injured or killed every day at junctions, because the drivers fail to lookout for motorcyclists when they get to the junctions.

There is also another radio campaign that will launch this week, called the “Didn’t see” campaign, and it will run nationwide for four weeks, in an effort to reduce collisions between motor vehicles and motorcycles on the road. This campaign also came to pass after the release of a report that showed an increase in the number of motorcyclists that have been killed on the road in the UK, which has increased for the first time since 2006, according to popular motorcycle blog http://motrev.net.


According to a survey by the THINK! researchers, drivers believe that most of the motorcycle accidents that occur are due to the motorcyclists breaking the speed limit, which is untrue, because statistics have shown that half of the motorcycle accidents that have resulted in major injury or death, have been caused by drivers not waiting and looking long enough at junctions.

Road Safety Minister Robert Goodwill is behind the new motorcycle safety campaign, and he believes that if drivers exercise more caution at junctions, they can significantly reduce the number of motorcycle accidents that occur in the country. According to the reports that helped him to come to the decision to launch this campaign, motorcyclists represent 1% of the people that travel on the roads, but account for 19% of the people involved in road fatalities, and they are 55 times more likely to be seriously hurt or die from an accident, than people driving in cars.

on the road

One of the supporters of the new campaign is Priscila Currie, a motorcyclist that was injured in an accident in which she wasn’t speeding, and had to spend 12 days in the hospital, and undergo 18 months of physical therapy. She still feels the effects of the accident, which has affected her mobility, and it took her three years before she could get back on a motorcycle after that.

In addition to the radio campaign, THINK! will also be starting a new campaign that encourages motorcyclists to go through further training, and learn how to ride defensively, which will help them improve their road safety.